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Light the fuse

2 weeks ago  -  1 note

the neighbors and suburgatory were both canceled as if my life wasn’t meaningless enough

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guess who just got home

that’s right my laptop just got home

3 weeks ago  -  1 note

some head honcho coca cola guy came into the store today with like five hundred randos to look at the store like to stare at our displays for two seconds like ok apparently he’s some important guy and I was like uh hi nice to meet you I’m charlie and stood there while they walked around being important like I’m sleepy and insignificant pls don’t ask me anything important

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okay that concludes my live blogging i get my laptop back later this week so i should hopefully be back to make gifs and be sort of productive 

4 weeks ago  -  0 notes

jill please ask rita a question come on ask riTA A QUESTION

4 weeks ago  -  0 notes

rita volk and katie stevens on wolf watch i cna’t do this it’s too much for me

4 weeks ago  -  3 notes

training malia to have feelings hahaha ha very funny 

4 weeks ago  -  3 notes

yes stiles and malia are both innocent but malia’s innocence is different she’s been living as a coyote for years and years, she wasn’t socialized as a human. it just doesn’t seem right, I don’t think she’s in the right mindset, if she doesn’t understand that she can’t leave a friend behind or freaking eat them then how can she be making out with a boy she just met. unless her mindset is in coyote mating mode or something just. no i don’t get it.

4 weeks ago  -  3 notes

"scott’s definitely effected and he will be for the rest of his life" 

bye i’m not crying you’re crying

4 weeks ago  -  3 notes

when jeff davis opens his mouth i just hear the charlie brown wah wah wah wah wah wahhhh

4 weeks ago  -  5 notes

wolf watch is going to be so much fun this season because nobody is going to love kate being back more than jill wagner she loves reminding people she’s kate god help me

4 weeks ago  -  6 notes

aHBAHHA OH MY GOD IT’S BABY DEREK YES WHy am i so excited about this i’m creying

4 weeks ago  -  0 notes

lol just stare at derek and point a flashlight in his eyes don’t help him or anything

4 weeks ago  -  2 notes

yass scoot use your big lion king roar

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