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Who does what on FAKING IT

Ever wonder which cast member is the best dressed? Check out this fun video of the cast, complete with superlatives and some season two teasers. [x]

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there will probably be no lgbt people though just the lgbt friendly tailor and their straight white friends 

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i know lea and dianna are on the same field why you gotta mess with me like that like come on its 4:20am i haven’t slept i don’t neED THE TROUBLE

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compliment the person you reblog this from in the tags

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someone reblogged the “compliment the person you reblog this from in the tags” post from me and didn’t add any tags lmao

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compliment the person you reblog this from in the tags

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that irrelevant prank kid went and posted a second video with a girl pinching guys butts. like??? first of all i’m sure he pulled that video out of nowhere as a way of covering himself for the backlash of the first one. secondly, the guys in the video were clearly not totally a-ok with having they’re butts pinched by a stranger! “why did you do that?” “that’s not okay.” 

it doesn’t matter who does it! because you got some girl to go around touching guys without their permission, you think you can change things? no! no matter who is grabbing and touching other peoples’ bodies, that’s not okay. what the heck is wrong with this kid. 

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my dad will legit sit at the table and down little cups of salsa at pollo loco while we wait for our food lmao

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lmaooo a kid straight up stopped walking and then walked right up to my mom and just stared at the wig for a hot minute til his mom told him something I can’t do this

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My mom is actually walking around target w this wig on like pls

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thank god I was wondering when there would be a nail polish signature edition of this cereal

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Fifth Harmony is going to be on Faking It this season! Check out the first episode of season two, tomorrow night at 10:30/9:30 central on MTV!

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"Oh my God! Tomorrow is the day. I’m freaking out! Faking It premieres at 10:30/9:30 central. Watch, post, tweet…freak out!" 

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Rita Volk is ready for Faking It tomorrow.

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